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tv   Headline News  RT  June 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a third day in a string of anti-government protests marked by what demonstrators claim is excessive brutality on the part of. the european central bank and. police report from the scene where. i've been demanding. a jihad against president assad branding him an infidel. reportedly caught smuggling. chemical weapons. and thousands of supporters of the us military whistleblower private bradley manning continue to protest at the gates of fort meade on the eve of the soldier's
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court martial which will determine whether he spends the rest of his life in prison . and broadcasting live from our studios in moscow. street battles between riot police and government protesters have resumed. in the turkish city of clouds of tear gas and pepper spray have been flying across the. district where up to five thousand demonstrators gathered. also tried to break through police lines and the prime minister's office security forces have responded by firing water cannons on the protesters. has been following the events. this is the third night
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of protests in turkey and unfortunately for the people here this isn't a calm night earlier we have seen there are clashes between police and protests broken out and one of the stumbles that main squares investigation attack we do know that there is some confrontation going on there still at the moment at least we have seen clouds of smoke and of course puddles from the water cannons and tear gas being used but that doesn't stop people neither in istanbul or in any other cities and in fact there is almost too little to have them which have seen people coming out on the streets or protesting the government we're still surrounded by people in istanbul and still people are gathering here and they show absolutely no determination to go anywhere they are going to stay here for as long as it takes like i said there have been protests which have been broken up by police investigation but this is not the only thing that happened in turkey on sunday all really are you know there are almost two thousand people were a word chased away from the square by police as well again using tear gas and water
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cannons people are wondering why exactly what is happening to police they're using such excessive force after a day of protest people in the morning come out and they start to gather in the trash of the devery that's left over from the protests because they obviously want to keep the area clean now what is taking these people on the street here is the report that we have filed earlier the streets of istanbul look like a scene from war burnt cars makeshift barricades broken shop windows not exactly what residents of the city are used to this protest is not only for taksim gives a park this is the. policy over government under pressure. for. for about ten years the current chaos is the aftermath of the protests that gripped not just istanbul but some other cities and towns across turkey prime minister recep tayyip erdogan supposed syria is. creasing islamisation of the country and a major crackdown on the media these are just
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a few of the problems turks have with their government many feel it doesn't serve the people but rather works against them when my daughter was beaten because of what she was wearing because her attackers were affiliated with the government the police to by and did nothing but old. cars from television. i said why don't you move they got the reaction from the police they couldn't make your. life interview with the truth and this is the problem that's. what happened in turkey was called a disgraceful use of excessive police force by amnesty international water cannons tear gas and pepper spray were all used against mostly peaceful protesters once the police are treated however the crowds turned their anger against the t.v. trucks of the state media accusing stations of failing to broadcast the reality of
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square hundreds of people wounded and talk of several deaths this is the human toll of the clashes on the street politics is the hottest topic of conversation even an attempt to record an interview turns into a heated debate this is a very strange experience for me and. i can explain i can experience i will explain my son my grandson. after after maybe ten years or five years it began as a quite simple sit and decide because the park people were trying to save some trees in the middle of the city but now they're saying they're trying to save turkey from aragon and his government and they say they won't leave until the prime minister does in istanbul. r.t. . and the standard national has condemned the excessive use of force by the turkish police saying some protesters have been left blinded by tear gas this is a video which appeared on the internet reportedly showing. turkish police are firing tear gas right into civilians homes separate footage shows people trying to
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find shelter at a local university and you can see what is reportedly massive quantities of tear gas used by security forces in the background sunan hellmund a former journalist at the a.b.a. economic press agency says the current turmoil in turkey is a response to every one's failed policies both domestic and foreign. toward the. before our dongo were one that was never interfering with our neighbors in town the affairs but is to it seems that under the un the odds are gone government towards the main is starting to u.s. interests personal interests. also besides this food there is a deep rooted whom in turkish probably because before our government focal kurdish separatist. kurdish separate from the district really accelerated by
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the great middle east initiated good old united states on israel's borders and if government does not correct its policies or if there is no old and early election in turkey these incidents and these protests mainly create itself several times in thirteen and i think at dawn by one should watch out. meanwhile anonymous have launched a digital attack on the turkish government brought down the websites of the president and of the ruling party find out the details. also there you can find live updates on the unrest in turkey including footage photos and witness accounts and you can also take part in our web site vote or share your own ideas with us in the comments section. and demonstration in the german financial capital of frankfurt this week took
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a turn for the worse when hundreds of riot gear clad officers barged into marching protesters spring tear gas and will police then drove the marchers into a tighter and tighter area a suppression tactic known as kettling. or was there. a planned march that was supposed to go right through the middle of all germany spine until capital only really lasted five hundred meters before police into the splits in a demonstration and see several different parts now the police have told us that this is because they asked people to remove mosques. in the green put on see also it's a announce a fascist campaign is they refused to do that then paying towards throwing police responded with with pepper spray this then ended up with a hours long standoff in the center all front. with many people being called in the clashes that broke out sporadically between the police and protesters.
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who were standing there suddenly police moved in and they beat some of us and i was a street there was no reason for that i managed to get out. from work oh this is your policy not ours now away from me paying throwing in the pepper spraying the idea behind blokey pie was supposed to show the political leaders of europe then not happy that they want change and they said that they had a clear message to those leaders in the european union this is book if i frankly have been came alongside the release of unemployment figures for the euro zone
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countries and they made well pretty desperate reading almost twenty million people are out of work in the eurozone most of them young we're hearing that open almost one in four hundred twenty five don't have a job and that's what. today many people coming out. on the streets of the demonstrate. all over reporting for us there now turns out thousands also took up banners across spain and portugal on saturday to make yet another stand against austerity on our you tube channel you can watch footage from madrid and lisbon the capitals of two nations among the worst hit by. all teams you tube channel rocketing to a billion viewers from the wills era defining to events that continue to change join me kevin owen for more on how you helped make the first global views to reach
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. thousands of people have rallied over the weekend at the gates of army base fort meade in the american city of baltimore where the anticipated court martial of whistleblower bradley manning kicks off on monday the u.s. military private faces dozens of charges after sharing a huge cache of secret documents exposing alleged american atrocity committed abroad share them with wiki leaks. was out there. we're at fort meade maryland in baltimore on monday the court martial against by the first class bradley manning will finally begin private manning twenty five year old army intelligence officer does appear to have the biggest leak in the history of the united states according to army prosecutors manning is responsible for the lion's share of material that's been shared by the anti-secrecy wiki leaks in the last few years u.s. state department cables watanabe cheney assessment files on iraqi and afghan war
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logs have all been attributed to private manning and for the congress material the u.s. government is charging him with the enemy and he could spend the rest of his life in prison on monday however the court room here for meeting with supporters and prosecutors attorneys are. waiting for the court martial finally get the three years after manning was first brought into custody it was late twenty ten with man it was picked up in baghdad transferred to kuwait brought back to united states and spent three years of waiting waiting for this court martial to finally get a sense december two thousand and eleven they've been having pretrial hearings here at fort meade and there's been really them all over the world in support of the soldier according demonstrators this is the largest bradley manning really that has ever happened in the three plus years since he's been what if the u.s. military custody also demonstrations planned in more than two dozen cities in four continents across the world in the next coming days. early in germany toronto
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ontario cities throughout the united states and across north america and the rest of the globe are all holding events this week in support of private manning now his court martial will actually begin on monday more than three years more than one thousand days after he was first brought into custody and by the end of the summer his supporters his family his friends are all finally going to know how he's going to spend the rest of his life. kevin who has written extensively on the case of bradley manning thinks that the leaks harmful influence on u.s. security has been grossly exaggerated. well i haven't seen any proof that it was dangerous to u.s. security yet nor do i expect to see it for two reasons one if they do present any proof it's probably going to be behind closed doors during the trial as it will be classified information about also from listening to bradley manning's lawyer david coombs speak he has said that what he's been given shows that for the most part there wasn't any sort of damage he's gotten evidence back that said there
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were there were there was something but they're not quite sure they're looking into it and there's nothing conclusive that bradley manning did harm national security. this is. in killed in interrogation later in the hour we bring you new information on the death of an immigrant during an f.b.i. questioning session. and we've got the details on an open letter written by guantanamo bay hunger. for change for over one hundred days now. the islamic jihad has been called against syria with a prominent islamic cleric branding the assad government quote more infidel than
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jews and christians the call was to arms was made by shake yousef. who's rhetoric reaches millions in the arab world through the al-jazeera news network which has made the shaikh a star meanwhile syrian rebel groups have refused to attend an upcoming peace conference in geneva they cite the ongoing fighting in the syrian province of. government and lebanese troops have mounted an enormous. one that analysts say could change the course of the civil war earlier my colleague were discussed the past week with. who's been closely following events in the war torn country. the leaders of the syrian opposition had in fact announced they will not be participating in the u.s. and russian sponsored peace talks they are saying that has the laws involvement in the bloody civil war really complicates things a little the group itself is highly divided there are questions as to whether they have the syrian opposition have credibility with the syrians on the ground meanwhile president bashar al assad in an interview this week said only
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a referendum would decide whether he should leave power further complicating things is the decision by the european union which agreed not to renew a weapons embargo on syria the u.k. and france really led this push to dismantle the cargo which prevailed despite opposition from other european union member states those two countries are saying that this would somehow help to ratchet up pressure against president bashar al assad some of western powers lucy accusing russia at this point of hampering peace efforts over the whole argument about russia supplying assad with weapons how does moscow justify this it's a complex issue russia's plan to ship as three hundred anti-aircraft systems to syria caused a stir this week after president bashar al assad in an interview said that russia will be honoring its defense contracts further complicating things with the israeli elements the israelis have said that they are strongly opposed to this that they are prepared to use force if those weapons are delivered but we have to keep in mind these are contracts were signed roughly a year before the syrian civil war broke out in twenty eleven russians are not
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prepared to console the contracts although the deputy foreign minister has said that this is seen as a stabilizing factor that will deter quote what he called some hotheads from a considering to send in foreign forces to intervene in the syrian conflict i do these are russian made at three hundred i myself and others are supposed to be for defensive purposes not all friends so what about the issue of the use of chemical weapons it came up again this week can you tell us more about it it's a bit murky but according to local turkish media reports the turkish government has rounded up about twelve people with suspected ties to the old those are fronts this is one of the rebel groups that's affiliated with. that's been fighting bashar al assad on the ground and at least according to one we do know courts they've discovered what they said two kilograms of staring down as a powerful new york talks and now these are not confirmed reports but they do call him a growing concern of the use of chemical weapons by both sides and the united nations human rights investigators have in fact and obtained testimony from on the ground
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witnesses who allege that the rebels had to used sarin gas now again unsubstantiated testimony but we should it did prompt a response from a russian foreign military mr sergei lavrov when you look at the bit of that we've warned repeatedly of provocations connected with chemical weapons we've also insisted on investigations into any case related to their possible use including the incident reportedly took place near aleppo we're very disappointed that because of political games the u.n. has failed to act on this we expect our turkish colleagues to quickly provide a full report on this latest case this issue ation is too serious for those who constantly talk about the chemical weapons problem to keep playing games around it each and every incident needs to be investigated. so there you have it the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov calling for an investigation into what obviously is a murky but but serious issue of concern historian and middle east expert to rigali says some groups of the syrian opposition are trying everything to provoke
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a military intervention. i think one of the. off some of the fight has come battering the regime is to try and create maximum havoc and produce a situation where everyone says we have to have an intervention i mean i recall very well during the first day in iraq there will all sorts of propaganda week was due mostly to shown to be completely includes such as that the iraqi soldiers said you know got all supplies to babies in hospitals and so many babies died or no on a larger scale the lie that saddam hussein and iraq had weapons of mass destruction so i expect anything from people closely allied to the west if the a mr trigger. mr crean intervention the weapons could start reaching syria by august after the
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european union lifted an arms embargo against the war torn state spearheading the initiative for britain and france despite opposition from other states who are wary that those very weapons could be turned against europeans are to you could appease cannot take a look at the syrian opposition and those who might be armed on its behalf. since britain and france blocked attempts to extend the e.u. embargo on supplying arms to the syrian rebels there have been growing fears that the weapons could end up in the wrong hands and this is why the syrian opposition is made up of many divided and often competing factions and truly there is no force that can represent it as a whole there is the syrian national council the national coalition for syrian revolutionary and opposition forces the supreme military council the free syrian army the international coordination committee the. brigade and many more and i'd
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like to point out that only the n.c.c. says it's open to dialogue with the authorities while all the others have officially proclaimed their goal is to topple the regime the only difference being how extreme their approaches are and here is where these two rebel groups stand out . is officially recognized as a terror organization by the u.s. it's also known for its links to al qaeda and for being among the most highly trained rebel forces currently on the ground in syria and the fire brigade perhaps just as notorious after one of its leading commanders was shown eating the body parts of a dead syrian soldier on video but despite warnings raised by international human rights groups including the international and human rights watch the rebels have been receiving weapons for some time now according to western media reports the rebels have received one hundred sixty planeloads of arms shipments from jordan saudi arabia quarter via turkey and then with
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a cargo smuggled across the border here with syria but no matter which rebel group for the arms may be destined for it's also widely recognized that they usually end up in the hands of the best trained and most radical brigades. artie's you got a piece going off reporting for us there now this week the details that have emerged of the killing of a chechen u.s. immigrant by an f.b.i. agent but again to dash of was shot several times in an interrogation over his alleged link to one of the boston marathon bombing suspects reports that the man had attacked an f.b.i. agent with a knife or a metal rod have now come under question father says it's hard to believe he was killed in self defense. from the photographs that were sent to me it's evident he was shot six times to the body and wants to the head at the back of the head it looks like a finishing shot of an assassination to me it looks as if they came to his house
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like bandits and shot him in cold blood from the photos his house looked like it had been rolled he was questioned for eight hours without witnesses or a lawyer no one can tell for sure what happened there until there is an official investigation the agents say my son attacked them but there were several armed and well trained men even if he lost his temper and became violent they could have restrained him or wounded shoot him in the leg or beyond all the shoulder but what happened was murder complete with a finishing shot. maybe my son knew something the police didn't want to come out and they killed him to keep him sign and does now. and we've got more news for you just a click away including thousands who have rallied in tokyo against the use of nuclear power a little over two years since the deadly fukushima disaster you can head to our dot com to find out what prompted the mass protests in japan's capital. was an unexpected it beginning to summer in the russian region of siberia where
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locals it's all snowflakes falling well we've got photos and you tube videos for you on our website. several hunger strikers at guantanamo bay have issued an open letter to the facilities military doctors seeking independent of medical evaluation over half of the detainees are now in their fourth month of starvation in an attempt to bring attention to their indefinite detention without charge inhumane treatment and force feeding now despite president obama promising once again to speed up the closure of the camp the situation there has only deteriorated with more people being force fed a procedure considered as torture by the un the number currently standing at thirty seven now being force fed an additional inmates are receiving medical help as well are two spoke to the father of a guantanamo prisoner who also heads up the kuwaiti detainees in guantanamo committee. he told us what happened to his son after he was ordered to
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starvation. my son been there for eleven years no charges again it's against him it is very difficult for him to tell me what's going on there because that is the district shoes for all the detainees not to talk of the conditions inside the camp but i can tell by the way he looks was so skinny this is the fairest time for him to put some glasses on his eyes. looks he looks horrible. he could not concentrate while he's talking to me he has. affected his body his thinking we are very concerned very concerned about his life and this week saw britain and broiled in a rally about its own guantanamo clone it was revealed that up to ninety afghan nationals are being detained in secret and without charge at the u.k.'s camp
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bastion base and as r.t. sephora found out some have been held there for more than a year. ek lewis described this is a secret facility that was completely off the radar leading some to describe this as the u.k.'s kuantan image in afghanistan but it was a fun and speedy response that we saw from the other eighty from defense secretary philip haven't just the details emerge of the detention facility income and of the legal action launched by u.k. lawyers on behalf of some of the detainees there were some pretty damning revelations from these lawyers these detainees have been held for fourteen months now the ministry of defense and the defense secretary admitted that between eighty and ninety detainees being held they were very quick thing to try to move away and quash these comparisons with one kind of my. main difference is number one
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the afghan detainees they said were being held. in safety and the second reason that they gave was that this wasn't a secret this is the first time that many in the british public will have heard about this detention facility and the u.k. ambassador. after these revelations saying that this was a principle of national supremacy and that the detainees should be handed over to the afghan security forces as soon as possible the question of how to handle detainees has been the most enduring controversy since the u.s. led military campaigns in afghanistan and iraq and certainly until these transfers that made this controversy and these compare parazynski. they don't look like they're going to go a surfer london british german corbin agrees that similarities between
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a camp bastion in guantanamo bay are striking. people are collected all rested. calm but held for very long periods and not allowed nor will the judicial process just go on time to move and i think that the legacy of two thousand and one of guantanamo. and the extraordinary rendition process is something that's going to live for a very long time international law has been seriously undermined by britain and the usa and their behavior over afghanistan for the past twelve years the afghan government is supposed to be in charge of the country and the british american and many other soldiers allegedly fighting to protect this government they claim they can hold prisoners over to this government to be tortured but instead they're held illegally in these two bases let's take a look at some international news that making headlines this hour at least sixteen
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people have been killed in clashes between hezbollah and of the syrian rebel forces in lebanon not far from the border with syria one member of hezbollah and at least fifteen rebels died in the violence as block has also been involved in a blockade of the syrian town of qusayr a key logistical and supply route for weapons being smuggled into the country. houses are being evacuated after a fire broke out following an explosion at a chemical plant in northern illinois in the united states local police report one man has been injured i wouldn't say smoke can be seen for nearly a mile while officials are worried about airborne chemicals there and explosion of a fertilizer plant in texas that left fifteen people dead and hundreds injured earlier in mid april. at least three people have died over the last couple of days and at least eight more are missing on sunday as heavy rain across much of europe has led to.